Saturday 2 August 2014

Little helpers & spinning wheels

We've had a lovely week here this week, busy as always lots of exciting goings on and some great visitors.  My niece, Faith, has been up visiting this week without her parents, imagine how exciting that was, as for the first time very she'd left mum and dad at home!

She's been helping with with lots of the daily jobs, on of her favorite being feeding Pixie who is being topped up with goats milk as she seemed to be struggling to gain weight on mums milk alone.

She almost managed to see Princess Mallika give birth to a lovely brown girl from Sandstorm.  We weren't quite quick enough as when w stopped her she was already on the ground and she was passing the placenta, or in Faiths words 'the plastic bag she'd was living in inside mummy'.  She was obviously listening when I was explaining things at lambing time!

Today we have had a lovely group of ladies visiting from the travelling spinners group.  The plan had been to sit out in the field with the alpacas however the weather decided to change those plans so we sat in the shed and watched the alpacas outside instead.  Even I managed to join in the spinning.  I think that is the first bit of spinning I've done since Christmas!

Pablo and some of the boys came in to join us for a little while!

During one of the dry spells we managed a walk round to meet some of the fibre producing beasties on the farm, which went down a treat.

Especially when I spotted Layla had decided that despite the awful weather today would be a good day to give birth!  In honor of our visiting travelling spinners we have decided to name him Perry which means traveler!


Unknown said...

I am so pleased to hear little Perry has been named in our honour! We had a fantastic day with you, thoroughly enjoyed by all. Beware, I think we will be back.

P.S. Thunder may have been a more appropriate name! Lol!

Unknown said...
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Rosemary said...

How lovely! Spinning amongst the alpacas!
And isn't Faith looking good?! She has grown!