Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Barnacre Princess Mallika

First things first, we have finished phase one fencing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duchess's little girl now has a name, Princess Mallika. She is so sweet and really stands out with most of this years cria being white, although she does have a good habit of hiding in the long grass which causes Duchess great panic. This afternoon we were sat on the rocks having a well earned cup of tea watching and poor Duchess couldn't find her baby and was running round in a panic until Geena pointed out her where abouts in a patch of tall grass. Duchess was checking all the other cria (who are completely different colours to her baby) to make sure they weren't hers.

Gaussian is also putting on wieght nicely now which is good, lthough he will only feed if he's sat on your knee and being held. He refuses to put the bottle in his mouth if he is standing.

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