Monday 14 July 2008

Job list........

Paul has today begun annual leave from his 'day job' so we have a long list of jobs that we want to work our way through whilst he's off. Today we finished hanging all the gates in the rented paddock that we've been dividing so we now need to do the wire, then that'll be phase one complete.
We have been giving Gaussian his regular milk top ups in the hope that he will take to the bottle but just as you think things are getting better he refuses point blank to swallow. At least he put weight on today so yesterday when he lost again was just a blip - phew! He is happily playing with the other cria so I'm sure he can't be going hungry.
I also had to bathe little Aodhfin's feet this morning, one had gotten quite sore. His fleece goes right down to the floor over his little toes and I think with the ground being quite wet last week the mud had rubbed now the flies were trying to get in there. After a foot soak, some spray and fly cream hopefully they will be as good as new in a day or two. Bless him, he happily let me poke about this morning without a care in the world, he definitely takes after his mum.

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