Friday, 18 July 2008

It's all go - excpet for Mia.

This morning was another early start, after the usual routine of checking everybody and feeding we had a pregnancy spit off to do with one of our girls Imala. I had a feeling that she would sit as she has been watching Inca far too much for my liking, and she did. So she has a return visit to the stud booked for next week.
Then it was off to Hexham to pick up some alpaca hurdles we'd purchased a few weeks ago. They are much better than the standard sheep hurdles because they are taller and longer. They will be put to good use at the weekend because we are off the the Otterburn Festival with the two boys. I even made the two local papers last night, and that's before we've even get there, autographs will be provided upon request!!!!
After lunch we set back to the fencing job, the lambs are no longer free ranging (she says hopefully), they are well and truly contained, much to Mia disgust. She has been walking the fence line ever since I shut her in, her army of followers are in close pursuit!

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