Friday 25 July 2008

Where did today go?

Wow it's been a busy day. First job of the day is checking over everyone and the feed run. This morning poor little Princess Mallika had sore eyes that had stuck firmly shut so we had to bath them. She was being bothered by the flies yesterday and they obviously irritated her or she's got a bit of an infection, we'll keep a close eye on her.

Then this afternoon we were off up to our good friends Jenny & Graham at Fowberry Alpacas with three girls and their respective cria in the trailer for appointments with three very fine studs. Everyone seemed pleased with their respective partners and hopefully they will all hold their pregnancies. Geena and Imala quite clearly remembered Fowberry, Imala so much so she wasn't keen to get back into the trailer to come home!

This evening we went to raid Alan's hay field, not literally, we had been told we could go and collect our ordered bales as baling had begun in earnest. More on this tomorrow night as it's getting late and we're off up to Kelso in the morning for the Border Union show - got to be their for 8am!

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Jenny said...

Hi Debbie,
For sticky or mildly infected eyes we use 'Eyebright', it is a tea made from one of the sage plant family and you buy it loose in a health food shop. It works a treat and sometimes we haven't had to resort to antibiotic eye cream or anything else. You just make it up as you would an ordinary tea, however not perhaps as strong as you and Paul like your tea!! It keeps for a couple of days in the fridge and it is well tolerated when bathing the eyes with it warmed slightly. Jenny