Saturday, 19 July 2008

Otterburn Festival

Today was another early start as we were off the the Otterburn Festival, an annual event which raises funds for the Northumberland Air Ambulance. Hughie and Loki were one of the 'crowd pullers' and got plenty of visitors. Hughie loves to meet 'the public' and had to say hello to everyone that came anywhere near there pen - he got slightly offended by anyone who just walked straight pasted! Loki also honored a few people and let them touch him (he's much shyer than Hughie with strangers).
Before we headed off we had to feed everyone including Gaussian, who typically decided that this morning, because we were on a tight schedule, he did not want his bottle.
Thankfully Duchess also held on to her cria, hopefully she will do the same tomorrow and wait to give birth until we are around to keep an eye on her. We've got the neighbours on watch whilst we are at the show.

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