Sunday, 20 July 2008

Otterburn Festival part 2

This morning we loaded up the boys and headed off up to Otterburn for the second day of the festival. Hughie and Loki obviously enjoyed their day yesterday because they were both happy to oblige when it came to halters and getting in the trailer this morning. Hughie gets so excited he runs into the trailer in the hope that his public will be waiting at the other end!
By the end of the day they had both had enough mind you and had begun their play fighting and neck wrestling, which in a confined space is quite difficult. It proved quite entertaining for the visitors though.
Both boys are now back in their field enjoying home grown grass, until next weekend when they head up over the border into Scotland for the Scottish National show at Kelso - oh to be in demand!
Duchess is still being a good girl and hanging onto her cria, she's not actually due for another couple of weeks so maybe, just maybe she may hang on for some time yet.

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