Friday 3 July 2009

Another week flies by

Can you believe it is Friday already, where does the time go.

I've had another couple of busy days, yesterday I headed down south on a six plus hour round trip to Fowberry Alpacas to remate Imala who didn't take when she visited two weeks ago. Fingers crossed she will take this time as it is a long drive and didn't appreciate being separated from her best friend Gabby.

Talking of Gabby she is finally letting her baby son, who we named Duke, play with the other cria. It is lovely to see them playing, he has been jumping on and wrestling with Tenzing and Star today.

This morning, after the feeding round I had the shelters and trailer to clean, it always get a thorough clean when I get back from taking it out, bio security is something that has to be taken very seriously.

This afternoon we has some rain which was a welcome relief from the heat we have had the last few days, the girls were enjoying it to and for the first time in ages stayed out in the rain and enjoyed it.

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