Thursday 9 July 2009

Topping, spit offs and shearing

Sorry for the lack of blog last night folks, blame Paul he was hogging the machine and I was so tired at 11pm I gave up and went to bed!
I was helping Alan, my farmer friend with his sheep shearing yesterday afternoon and this afternoon. I was in charge of getting the sheep in the pen and up the ramp ready for the guy shearing to shear.

This morning I had to do a bit of topping in one of the resting fields before it got to long for our ride on mower. After that I thought I'd cut the back lawn, I always complain at Paul for just 'tickling' it, I'm sure he thinks it's a paddock. So I cut it on a lower setting than he would. I'm waiting for our neighbour to pass comment as he aways laughs at Paul for just driving round the lawn.

This evening we had a list of spit offs to do, most went very well. Imala who was mated last Thursday tried to flatten Guinea so at least we know she's ovulated. Also spitting at ovulation stage was Neffertiti and Veruschka which was good. Mary, Willow, Kate, Molly all had convincing pregnancy spits.

Things were not so positive for Ursula and Aria. You may recall that Ursula has been giving very confusing signs for some time now. Like last week she sat, so this time we have let her be remated. It is very disappointing as we were counting on her to give us our first Golder Guinea cria after her one mating at the end of last summer.

Whilst this mating was going on Aria sat the other side of the pen waiting for her turn. She had already spat off once but has clearly not held. Star took full advantage of the situation and had a good climb and chew on her ear tag. Star is such a little character, I just love her to bits.

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Lucy said...

Little star is gorgeous - what a cheeky wee thing! She will know what she's doing when her time comes!