Sunday 19 July 2009

RAF red arrows and another tow

We were back at the Otterburn Festival today, this time we took Horatio and Barnaby. I was actually Barnaby's first ever outing and he was a very good boy. You never quite know how they are going to react but he was fine, but then end of the day he was happy to walk to the edge of the pen to be stroked .

Horatio had a great time, like Hughie he love to interact with the public. I had to stop him from hanging out the pen on more than one occasion.

We managed to enter the show ground under our own wheel power this morning which was good. However after a few heavy showers during the day an lots of traffic we had to rely on a tractor to get us out.

The festival is held to help raise funds for the Air Ambulance which is a fantastic charity. I'm not Sire what the grand total is yet for this year but lets hope that it is up on last year.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to see that you have an enjoyable day out with Horatio and Barnaby, its all for a worthy cause. I bet you weren't the only ones that needed a helping hand off the show ground....Jayne

PS....I think your mind is on ...'Sandstorm' going off your last sentence !!!