Friday 17 July 2009

Feels like winter

The weather has been absolutely terrible today, we have had torrential rain pretty much all day. The wind has really picked up too, in fact we have a very large branch off one of the neighbours trees in the girls field and another in the field that the sheep are in. Thankfully there has been no major damage to the fences or any injuries.

The fields all have standing water in them and almost all of the shelter have standing water in them which isn't good. The poor girls shelter is the worst, I've had to bale it out this evening. The cria have been the only people moving all day and they have been chasing round in the rain, all the adults have been finding whatever shelter they can.

I made Paul take the big car to work today as it needed some diesel, it's a good job I did because had he gone in the MG he wouldn't have got home without taking a detour as the local roads were under so much water.

It is a good job Sandstorm was born last Friday and not this one. Just for the record whilst on the subject of Sandstorm, LMI still hasn't really got to grips with keeping an eye on her son. She still forgets about him, luckily for him he is very independent and active and is happy chasing round with the older cria.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I hope that the weather improves for you and the Otterburn Festival..its really miserable up here too....needless to say, my 'soft' lot have resorted to coming in for bed-time...mmmm the nights out have lasted a couple of weeks through-out the summer ?.....It just takes one shout from me, and they all come running......soft indeed !!.....Jayne