Wednesday 1 July 2009

More mating and spit offs

We have been on paddock cleaning duties today as the flies were out in force and I've not had chance to do it yet this week. My parents are here visiting so mum was helping, she's even brave enough to drive the quad now!

The girls had a play in the water sprinkler this afternoon, they were all very hot and went paddling in the water troughs that mum and I had just cleaned out so I thought I'd get the hosepipe out for them. Geena loves it and is aways first in line.

Once the temperatures cooled down we had a few jobs for to boys to do. Legend had an appointment with Angelus who is the biggest floozy I have ever come across. After last night with Ursula sat at the gate when the mating were going on I also wanted to test her with Guinea, can you believe it she spat and squealed like mad. I really don't know what to think, she comes over to the boys when we are mating then spits at them, I don't think she knows if she is pregnant or not so what chance do I have!

Willow is much easier to read, she spat and is clearly holding her pregnancy as did Mary so fingers crossed for them.

I have also decided that we are going to have to sell all four weanling boys, Horatio, Barnaby, Aodhfin and Gaussian. I have decided that I will only sell them as a package as they have always been together and get on so well. Parting with them will be hard but land constrains mean I must.

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