Tuesday 30 June 2009

Visitors and matings

It has been a very busy day here today. This morning we had two mini bus's full of children visiting from a local school who are thinking of getting alpacas.

The children enjoyed some hands on experience with the alpacas, the young weanling boys were happy to assist and enjoyed being walked by lots of enthusiastic children. I was able to show them the difference between sheep and alpaca fleece and the sorts of things you can do with the alpaca fleece. Some went home with bits of Horatio and Barnaby fleece to try their hand at felting.

This afternoon we had a couple of spit offs and matings to do. Guinea had a spit off appointment with Aria who ran away and would have nothing to do with him, that was her third spit off so hopefully she is now pregnant.

Next I wanted him to cast his eye of Geena who you may recall I said isn't looking very pregnant, she spat at him so I didn't push it as she doesn't have long to go if she is pregnant. His reward for two rejections was a mating with Nefertiti who was very willing.

Whilst Guinea was on the case I introduced Legend of Spartacus to Verushcka, after an initial rebuff she sat for him which was good. That was the first time Legend had managed to get her down and she had a good mating so we will see how that one develops.

Sat the other side of the gate was Imala and Angelus who are both currently empty. Angelus has had a couple of goes but clearly hasn't taken so I will let Legend work his magic on her in the next couple of days. Very worryingly Ursula was also hanging round, she has been scanned twice by the vets once negative but then positive. I have been changing my mind all along about her pregnancy state and am once again disagreeing with the vets positive theory.

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