Tuesday 2 June 2009

BBC fame once more

This morning I had another fix of media fame, this time a live interview on BBC radio Northampton. We used to live in Northamptonshire before moving up to Northumberland, they were talking about changing your life and I've certainly done that since moving away.

You can listen to the interview on BBC iplayer , you will need to fast forward to 2 hours 17 minutes and no laughing please!

Today we have taken a giant leap forward with Gaussian, one of our white weanlings. Regular readers will recall the trails and tribulations I've had with him and his complete lack of appetite and desire to feed. Well today he ate some Camelibra from the trough for the very first time all of his own accord. He has been building up to it for a week or two now but today he finally did it, not only at breakfast but also at tea time.

Getting him eating is slightly tinged with sadness as I now have no excuse not to put him up for sale along with his two mates, Aodhfin and Barnaby.

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