Thursday 4 June 2009

Fleece skirting

Most of the day has been spent skirting fleeces so I can get them off to Norweft, the mini mill for processing next week. I had a total of 65kg of fleece shorn last weekend of which 32 kilo's was the best blanket fleece.

I have already decided who is being blended with who and which are being processed as individual animals so it is all very exciting. Hopefully I wont have too long to wait for the yarn to be return.

I did get a break from the fleeces to show a new manure collector the pile and help him bag some up for his newly erected raised beds. Hopefully he will be back for more as we have quite a collection at the minute.

The cria are continuing to gain weight, since I have been softening Aria's teats with udder cream Heidi seems to be getting on better and has put on half a kilo in the last couple of days. Prior to this Aria's teats were getting so large I think she was struggling to latch on properly.

Veruschka's son, who we have named Tenzing, is gaining weight nicely. He is scouring a little this evening so I will keep my eye on that, he was fine this morning and I've seen him chewing on dock leaves so not sure if that has upset him.

Anyway, short and sweet this evening as both Paul and I are germ ridden (I blame my niece from the weekend, either that or the very cold swimming pool we went too!) so it's off to bed early tonight.

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