Wednesday 3 June 2009

Guinea goes mobile

It has been a busy day for our stud boys today, this morning our brown boy Golden Guinea went out on his first mobile mating. You never quite know if the boys will be willing to work in unfamiliar surroundings so the first time out is always a bit nerve racking.

Nothing to worry about, Mr Guinea got to do what stud boys do, despite a rather reluctant lady. He had his eyes on the other ladies who were watching, he took a fancy to a rather sweet fawn weanling who was far to young - maybe next year!!

When I got back I had a mating and some spit offs to do myself. Both the spit off resulting in spits, so that's promising. They were only ovulation spit off's so fingers crossed for next week.

The mating was with a very impressive Gianamarco daughter, Angelus, so this meant that Legend would get another try as it is Marky's half sister. After his efforts last week I had high hopes for him and he delievered. He was a bit slow off the blocks, Angelus sat there patiently whilst he watched his mate for a while. Once he got down to it he looked like a pro; he's obviously been talking to Marky and Guinea since last week for tips!

I thought whilst I had the boys up at the house I would see if Kate was interested in remating, her daughter Midnight Star is two weeks old today. Kate was not in the slightest bit interested in being mated so I will try her again in a few days.

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Rob @ Wellground said...

Good boy Legend of Spartacus, we knew he'd crack it in the end.

We are pleased to hear Guinea is better and back to work too, that must have been very worrying for you.

Rob and Les