Tuesday 16 June 2009

Thank you

Just a short post tonight to say thank you to everyone that has rung, sent emails and messages and left comments on my blog and facebook. It is comforting to know that I have so many friends I can reply for support.

Blossom and I have been grieving today in our own ways. Poor Blossom is giving me a little cause for concern as she is keeping herself to herself and doesn't want the herd near her, she is not coming in for feed either. I took her breakfast to her and she had a little feed from my hand but nothing much.

Her first born daughter, Oonagh, has been humming to her and sat close by (but not too close), she is obviously trying to comfort her mum. Alpacas are such intelligent animals and clearly need the support of other herd members just like we need the support of our friends.


Lucy said...

Poor Blossom. She will recover but it sounds very sad for her. The feeling of loss must be horrible for animals - her hormones are all geared up for a cria and then she doesn't have one to mother. It's good that Oonagh is comforting her. She obviously knows just to stay nearby but not too close. I agree, they are very intelligent. When Kara was under the weather her cria Rafa was hum-clicking constantly and rubbing her neck with her head. I guess Blossom would not have been sure what was going on as in the wild her cria would have died quickly. She probably had hope, like yourself, and then it was dashed. I hope you both feel better very soon. Take it easy, Lucy x

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Its always nice to know that there are people out here in times of need, sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved ...so to speak....take care.....Jayne

Rob @ Wellground said...

Hi Debbie,

Just got back from a few days away working. Just read your news. Very sorry to hear that. You couldn't have done more. Sometimes, it's just the way of things. Hoping you have much more luck as the year moves on.

Take care.

Rob and Les