Thursday 18 June 2009

Happy Birthday Oonagh

Today is Oonagh's second birthday, and as her name suggests she was our first cria born here at Barnacre. I can't believe it is two years ago, how time flies, Oonagh is now pregnant herself and we will soon have second generation Barnacre cria - how exciting is that.

Oonagh was Blossom's first cria so Blossom will soon be a granny. Blossom is actually causing me great concern at the minute following the death of her latest daughter, Zahirah. She is still refusing to eat and is just sitting either in the shelter or under the tree. This has been going on all week now and she is losing weight. If anyone out there has experience of grieving mums and has some tips I would greatly appreciate some help.


Lucy said...

Happy birthday Oonagh. Yes, it is amazing how time flies. Our first cria is now 4 (well she's actually the second as the first one died). She lost her own cria lasy year so we are hoping she becomes a mum soon! Poor Blossom. Not sure what to suggest except time - maybe probiotics?

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hi Debbie,

Could you move Blossom, into a different field, just to give her a completely different field, it might distract her, sometimes a change of scenery does the trick, as she might associate staying put in the field that she is in, waiting for her baby to return to her !... Aymara sat for about 4 days, I literally had to drag her out of the field, that she lost her baby in !...I know it sound strange but somehow it worked for Aymara, she still clearly grieved for some time after, but it was a different place to sit, and I think she did not associate the place of loss there and gradually began to mingle with the rest of the girls...also might be worth giving her some Ceto-Phyton to keep her condition up, if she is not eating, just a suggestion...hope it helps...
Happy Birthday Oonagh !