Saturday 13 June 2009

You couldn't make it up if you tried

Firstly I must say a bit thank you to all those people sending us good luck messages, texts and support for Zahirah. I am pleased to say that she has had a good day today and seems to be improving again.

As the weather has been so nice she has been outside with mum most of the day feeding from her as well as the bottles from yours truly. She has also began gaining weight again which has to be a good sign. She is certainly a little fighter, I just hope she doesn't get too used to coming in the house!

We have has another crisis this morning, yes I know, I must have done something really bad in a previous life. Poor Hughie was attacked by a dog, it was a neighbours recently rescued lurcher that got into the field and chased the boys. Unfortunately for Hughie it managed to get hold of him, thankfully the owner was in pursuit of the dog and was able to intervene before too much damage was done.

He has a number of grazes and puncture wounds, which as you can see from the photo have been cleaned and sprayed. He also requires a course of antibiotics to stop any infection.

It certainly upset him, anyone who knows Hughie will appreciate how much if I tell you he didn't even bother going to say hello to a new manure collector this afternoon.

Just for the record said dog has already been rehomed thankfully.


Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

I sympathize with you over the dog attack we lost an alpaca to a dog attack last year - horrible , at leastHughie looks like he will make a full recovery . Kepp up the good work with your cria

Lucy said...

Oh Debbie that is terrible. I live in fear of dog attacks as we've had several in our garden killing our chooks. It is horrible. I can imagine how terrible it would be in the alpaca field. Thankfully the dog was pulled off by the owner, but really it should be on a lead around livestock if it is not trained to be with them. What a horrible situation. Hope Hughie recovers quickly. He will be scared for a while. You must have been so upset. I get really upset when the chickens get attacked, not least because usually the dog owner doesn't really care or is surprised that their dog has done it!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Big Hugs to Hughie...I love him loads, he is a real sweetie. The problem lies with the lack of control by the owner of the dog, lurchers are sight hunters, and basically any thing that runs or moves it will chase, poor Hughie and I hope the dog owner knows just how serious, their lack of control over their dog has been, you could have lost Hughie, because there was a lack of responsibility by the owner... a lead would have prevented this happening, other people really do need to be more aware of other livestock in the vicinity and be responsible... !!!... Just passing the dog on to someone else, I hope the new owners are more responsible handlers..people are just to lax...I hope you have been happy with their apologies, frankly its not good enough, your alpacas should be able to graze safely in their fields without any fear or threat....Im wishing you well and hoping that Zahirah and Hughie get well soon....Jayne x