Wednesday 29 July 2009

I can't help it

Following on from my posting last night I will just share with you a few more of the super statistics we got back from Yocom-McColl and the dilemmas they cause.

Our best fleece came off Lualeni, who is Blossom's daughter from last year and fantastic. She is the finest we have produced so far and has a very impressive micron of 14.8. With a standard deviation of 3.1 and Coefficient Variation of 20.8% and only 0.4% over 30 microns this is certainly a girl to keep your eye on.

Hughie's second fleece stats also make interesting reading, with a micron of 18.9, SD 3.7, CV 19.8 and 0.6% over 30. He has very good conformation and a fabulous handle to his fleece too which has been commented on by both judges and the mini mill. All this said Hughie has a spot behind his ear and because of this I wouldn't use him over my own girls. If I had more and could take a chance on one I would give him a go. He has a lovely nature and would love to have his change with the ladies.

The boys we have for sale also scored very well, with Aodhfin having the finest fleece of the four. Horatio did very well for a black at 19 microns which beats Loki's at the same age. The dilemma here is should I be hanging on to Horatio for my own stud purposes??? I have a couple who are interested in him and his friends coming next week - they obviously have an eye for quality.

I do find fleece statistics and genetics fascinating so I can go on - sorry! But after all we are breeding alpacas for their fleece so the fibre statistics are very important.

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