Thursday 12 April 2012

Abandoned lamb

Yesterdays abandoned lamb seemed a bit brighter this morning, she is much stronger than she was and is taking her bottle well.

I was up and out at first light to check on the sheep, there was one blackie who had not long lambed but sadly the poor thing was suffocated, it was a ewe lamb.  I thought maybe this ewe could adopt the abandoned lamb if her mum wont take her back.

Initially I couldn't find the ewe with her lamb from yesterday, they were obviously hiding as I found them on the second round!  At lunchtime I tried to reunite her with her second daughter.  I'd kept some of the afterbirth so I rubbed this on her to take any smells of me off her.

Unfortunately mum still wasn't interested in her, she did have a sniff but then she took her first daughter off out of the way.  Oh well it was worth a try, mums milk will be much better than the powdered stuff.

On to plan B, catch the ewe that had a dead lamb and try and adopt this one on to her.  Trailer in place and her baby in the trailer I tried to get the ewe in the trailer; umm not as easy as getting the pet sheep in.  In fact I failed miserably, I really do think I need to think about getting a dog.  Paul isn't a dog person, in fact he's scared of most of them so it's not something he is at all keen on, but it's not often him having to move the blackies on his own.

Back to plan A, pet lamb!  Who now needs a bottle so I best go and get on with it......


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Every good shepheard has a dog ! know what they say...'its no good having a dog and barking yourself' ....get a sheep dog...and make your life a whole lot easier, Paul will grow to love it..when he sees just how easy it makes...farming sheep..Ive seen the ones working the 'holidaying sheep on my place....just marvellous !!.....cheaper than employing a shepheard....Jayne

Anonymous said...

I thought 'my' pet lamb was staying in the kitchen beside the aga. Will visit her soon to help with feeds but not the night ones! Look after her.