Sunday 8 April 2012

Living on borrowed time

We have been doing more sheep reinforcements today. The 20 ewe lambs that Paul bought last year are a pain in the neck.

I told him at the time they would be more trouble than they were worth, but they even beat my estimations.  The fence on last night's blog was to stop them going down and into the woods and hopefully keep them contained.

So first thing I was up and out to see how things were, the fence was still in tact and the stone wall to our neighbours horse field was fine so I sighed a sigh of relief. 

On the way back in for my breakfast I thought I'd check the other side to see if the missing three from yesterday had returned only to find the ones that I thought were behaving munching away on the grass next to the alpaca girls!

Once we got them back to the field they were supposed to be in we decided the only way they could have got out was over into our neighbours horse field so a fence in front of the stone wall was called for.

They have been keping an eye on procedings all day.  On my final sheep check of the day I was greeted by....

They were obviously planning their next escape route because whilst mum and I were on the rounds they tried to jump the stock fencing and the wall.  These flippin sheep are living on borrowed time!

The fence now has another line of wire above it and we have everything crossed that tomorrow they will still be in the correct field.

The three that we still haven't got back were last seen heading off to Otterburn!!

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Karen Oglesby - Meon Valley Alpacas said...

Sounds like it's time you made lots of mint sauce!