Tuesday 17 April 2012

All quiet on the western front

Lambing has been surprisingly quiet today; probably because mum has arrived for a few days and was hoping to see lots of births.

I think she's quite enjoyed keeping her eye on the ewes with me, she was that keen she even got up just after 5am with me this morning.  Maybe by the end of the week she can do the early morning rounds on her own!  It's ok she doesn't read the blog whilst she is here!!!

I have been keeping a very close eye on on of the ewes that lambed yesterday, she had twins.  Another ewe seems to have 'adopted' the tup lamb, despite me returning him to his mum numerous times she keeps pinching him back.  Mum seems to realise she's lost something but whilst walking round calling she's not letting her ewe lamb feed.

By this evening the lamb was looking very weak so I have bought her in along with her mum - yes we managed to catch the ewe and put her in the trailer.  The little lamb didn't seem to have the energy to suck from mum, but having had a bottle she is looking a bit happier.  I'm not hoping that mum will decided to let her feed and they can go back out to play.

I'm hoping that the noise of these  two additional lodgers in the shed it may stimulate by little abandon lamb and she may perk up.  She is still not looking at all good despite me throwing everything at her  I can think of.

Along with lambing and everything else I am busy knitting a specially ordered alpaca garment from one of our top class girls.  I'm struggling to keep my eyes open now though so I think it might be bottle time for the lambs then bedtime for me.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

You call that quiet !...sounds like its all go and multi-tasking, great you have helpers ....and knitting....how do you manage !..I think you need a bit of 'quiet' time ......Jayne