Monday 9 April 2012

I'm pleased to report that the pesky escaping sheep have remained contained today, the threat of mint sauce seems to have done the trick.  That and the miles of additional fencing we have constructed over the weekend.

They have been pacing up and down looking for the next weak spot, but from the initial 20 we are down to a hardcore of 8 who are still trying to escape, the rest seem to have given up for the time being.  We still have 3 heading to Otterburn that haven't come back yet.  I think I may have to rent a dog!!!

On the alpaca fencing front, the girls gate is now fixed to the gate post rather than being tied up and the boys have a fastener on theirs.

It is fast approaching birthing season for the alpacas and some of the girls are certainly looking swell.  Oonagh and Sienna are on 325 days with Lualeni close behind on 318.  Going on the girls personal averages Lualeni should actually birth first, but we'll see.

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