Sunday 22 April 2012

Staying mostly dry (Paul)

Thanks for your 'best' wishes Judi - entry to 'my' tractor cab is by invitation only!  Only thanks for letting us know that our lizard is a 'common' lizard, I'm sure he/she deserves a much more exciting name than that!

Anyway, Debbie is off feeding a shed full of lambs, ewes and Wesley (our prize Blackie ram).  I'm sure Debbie will fill you all in but in a nutshell, 2 nights ago Debbie and Janet (mother-in-law, talks and knits a lot - you must remember?) were heading back to the house and shed in the dark, late at night with a ewe and triplets in the trailer when Janet noticed Wesley in the stream with his head in the water.  Debbie ran down to him, leapt over a barbed wire fence and managed to pull his head out of the water until Igot there.

Between us we then dragged his fairly lifeless body out of the water, when Debbie and janet rushed back to the house and back again with an empty trailer.  I pushed his stomach a bit and positioned him facing downhill to help the water run out of him.  He was not good.

The 3 of us then put him in the trailer - boy he is heavy! We got him to the shed and put him in a pen.  We were hoping he would hold on as he is a real character and what an amazing set of horns he has (updated picture to follow...) anyway - we gave him an oral drench (actually for ewes that have just had twins to give an energy boost - he didn't complain anyway) and then tried to stand him up so the blood went were it needed to.  It was well after midnight when we left him and he still wasn't able to stand.  Fingers were crossed for the morning. Next day he was trying to get up, although could only managed to move his back legs and he kept shaking his head - water in the ears methinks? Anyway, a few tasty bits of turnips, best hay and ewe nuts and he is starting to recover.  Wish him well please?

Alpacas - yes we still have our fantastic boys and girls! Oongagh and Lualeni are first to birth in the next couple of weeks - we will get some updated photos of them!

This weekend has been more fencing - those pesky hogs (one year old sheep) and found another wall to wreck so it was a call to action for me (in the tractor of course because the weather was not very good), Dave, Debbie and Janet.

Here's the quick photo story:

The invaders gathered for their next assault on the wall...

Even as fence building was in full swing, the invaders waited patiently to make their next move...also it must have been cup of tea and shortbread time because the tractor cab is looking eerily empty...

With the new post and pig netting fence completed, the invaders move in to undertake a detailed examination for any signs of structural weakness.  The battle is won, what about the war...?

Night all! Paul.


Unknown said...

Gosh sounds like a very near miss for Wes...well done Janet for spotting him and your resusitation skills

Shirley said...

Hope Wesley recovers OK, guys. We had a a similar incident several years ago but with a neighbour's horse in a stream, and that did not have a happy ending. We've got our fingers crossed for him. Shirley & Robbie

Judi B said...

Keeping everything crossed for poor Wesley.

Rosemary said...

Poor Wesley - hope he is recovering.