Tuesday 24 April 2012

Daddy's girls

Before Paul complains at me again I thought I'd better do a quick blog in between warming another little lamb in front of the Aga and going to give the pet lambs (all 7 of them) their bedtime bottles.

We've been lambing now for what feels like weeks, I'm absolutely exhausted, but needs must and seeing as there is only me on lambing duties the days are long and the nights very short!

The alpacas are all doing well, the first three pregnant girls are actually nearing their due dates, Oonagh and Sienna are on 340 days with Lualeni on 333.  None of the girls have any milk yet so hopefully they will hang on until lambing is over.

Having spent so much time with the sheep lately because of lambing it makes me appreciate even more the interaction, intelligence and complete trust my alpacas share with me.  I'm really looking forward to their birthing season beginning.  A week's sleep would be nice first though ladies!

I nipped out with the camera a couple of days ago to get some photos of the world class Meketaten, however she was far too nosey to pose.  Instead her half sister, Lady Godiva, also from Golden Guinea wanted to show herself off.

Her full sister Nadia is just as much a poser as her sister, and dad for that matter.  These two girls are so alike, both in ways and fleece characteristics.


Unknown said...

Must be a first Debbie...you hoping the girls hang on a bit longer...hope you manage to catch up on some sleep very soon!

Rosemary said...

Hope lambing finishes soon for you! It is certainly very hard work!
Mekataten (hope I spelt it right) is still a great favourite of mine!