Saturday 7 April 2012

Lamb update

It has been another busy day on the farm today, firstly most of the lambs that have been in the shed have been put out with their mums, with the exception of Ruby and her lambs as one has an ulcerated eye and is off the the vets on Tuesday.

Here are the rest of the lambs from our pet sheep Mia's twins, one boy and one girl, yet to be named.

Next up we have Ebony's son, who has vet wrap on is leg due to a rather floppy foot. 
Next we have Annie's daughter, the only single of the pet flock.  We have named her Belle, partly because it goes nicely with Annie and partly because this was the little Tinker that caused Paul so much grief whilst I was away.  As you can see she's fine now! 
Any finally the youngest addition to the flock we have Mocha's twin daughters, yet to be named.  I'm trying to think of suitable dark coffees.  Any suggestions gratefully received. 

Despite it being a Bank Holiday fencing continues, it's been a real family affair this weekend.  Here's dad telling Colin (my brother) not to do it like that!!  Paul was sat in his cosy warm tractor when he took this. 
Even Faith was helping; I think the sticky out tongue was helping with the balance! 


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hope that winter weather has long gone now...those lovely lambs have started arriving ! Looks like its all hands to the pumps..and like their doing a grand job !....Jayne

Miriam said...

Love your blog and am following it religiously. The new lambs are adorable. How about Isla and Eva for Mia's twins and I know you wanted 'coffee' names for Annie's twins but Sooty and Sweep would be so cute! Keep up the good work. A big hello to Paul who will remember me from NR days!

Miriam said...

Whoops, don't think Mia will be impressed giving her son a girls name! Make that Josh and Eva/or Isla! Miriam

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Hi Miriam,

Nice to hear from you, let us know if you want to see everyone in person?!