Wednesday 9 June 2010

Anyone for rabbit?

As I am sat typing this my eyes keep getting drawn out of the window at the alpacas. Kazuo is chasing rabbits which in turn has caused half the herd to join in the pursuit.

I think everyone is pleased that it has finally stopped raining as the boys and the youngsters where skipping about when we went down to them this evening. My little lambs were also jumping about as though they had a flea in there ear!

It is bound to brighten up next week as Paul is back at work. He always managed to pick the bad weather for a week off. It's a good job there is a large indoor job list too, I'd hate him to get bored.

I have been doing a spot of spinning again today, it seems to be going far too slowly, but I think that's because I know what I want to knit and can't get it done quick enough. I have had an update from Carol, they are still enjoying carding and there have been no stabbing incidents.

My spinning did get interrupted by some essential paperwork but more on that tomorrow; promise.


Unknown said...

Yes...Get yourself back to work Paul...We need some sunshine around here...seriously enjoy the rest of your week off!

Rosemary said...

Lambs are wonderful when they do their bouncing run! I don't know how you find the time to spin as well as everything else - and I'm getting the feeling that there is something exciting going on at Barnacre?!