Sunday 20 June 2010

Loki is a man

Our first job of the day was some matings and a spit off, Alice spat which is good news; well for us not so nice for Marky. However we had another girl requiring his services so all was not lost!

We have been trying to get Loki interested in the ladies for some time now to no avail, so this morning I decided that I would let him say hello to Willow as she always drops like a stone for the boys. I wasn't going to let him mate her just get the idea that he was supposed to get the girl to sit.

However before I'd even shut him in the pen he was orgling and Kate was ready for him in the next pen so we bypassed Willow and went straight to Mrs attitude. He was straight on as if he'd been doing it for months and 33 minutes later he decided he'd had enough of Kate and wanted to see Mary who was in the queue!
We had multiple mating going on, as you can see Molly decided that she needed to sit as close as possible to Loki & Kate, she seemed to prefer the look of Loki to Gianmarco - not that Marky gave her much choice about the matter.
Willow also got to see Legend at the same time, despite Loki being the new kid on the stud block he lasted the longest.
This evening Loki also got to see Mary, Mary is very picky about who she allows to mate her and when so as she was so keen this morning we thought we'd better not miss the opportunity. This year it's only a month since she gave birth, she usually isn't interested in the boys for about six weeks, compared to Willow's 6 hours! Don't worry I don't let Willow mate that quickly.

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