Monday 7 June 2010

A new job, but who's doing it?!

I suppose I could have predicted the weather this week, Paul is off work so it's raining!!

Layla has had her coat on all day, in fact we have been playing coat swapsies as I have changed it three times for a dry one each time it stopped raining.

The wet weather isn't bothering anyone, except me. When I did my early morning check, I won't say the time as Mark already thinks I'm mad , a wet Kazuo had been rolling in the dust bath, needless to say he was absolutely filthy so no photo's today Rosemary! My gorgeous white baby is now a rather dirty off white. Maybe he just felt a little left out as his three playmates are dark.

This afternoon we nipped over to Carol and Dave's, regular readers will know Carol as my knitting friend and Dave as the manure collecting button making man! Well Dave now has a new job, head carder; that is if Carol hasn't taken it off him because he's not doing it to her satisfaction.

After a quick demonstration we left them 'debating' who was best and quickest, at one point things were getting slightly dangerous with the awl (big spike for removing the rovings). Hopefully no-one has been impaled as I'm not sure my insurance will cover such incidents!!

I best get back to spinning Chiquita's fleece as once Carol and Dave set on with something I can't keep up.


Anonymous said...

The carding machine is now a permanent feature on the kitchen table and you are not allowed to pass it without doing a bit of carding.......
I'm actually finding it relaxing, how sad is that?
No physical injuries yet but plenty of cross words and swear words.....


oak haven alpacas said...

I thought those kind of arguments only happened at my house LOL!