Friday 26 September 2008

Anyone for sunbathing.

Today has been lovely, it actually felt more like summer than summer has! The alpacas have been enjoying a spot of sunbathing, very relaxing. Well it is until Horatio passes, he does like to take full advantage of girls sat or laid down - he really is a pest, a lovable one mind!

There has also been a growth spurt in the resting paddocks which is typical now the lawn mover is broken. It took months for it all to start growing in spring/summer and its now growing the best it has all year and it's the end of September; it's madness.

Gabby and Willow have had a bit of a 'set to' today, they are both well and truly at the bottom of the pecking order and prefer to eat from my hand rather than the troughs at feed time which isn't usually a problem. Gabby is far from bright, in fact bless her she is pretty dim, and she will regularly mistake an accidental nudge for a pecking order squabble. This morning was one of those morning, and somebody knocked her, so she spat at Willow who happened to be passing by in all innocence. Willow obviously thought seeing as Gabby was more of a match for her than the other girls she would give her what for, and the pair of them locked necks and had a bit of a wrestle and fight. Barnaby went over to check is mum was ok but no one else bothered to get involved.

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