Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Aodhfin goes exploring

Nothing much has been happening today, just mundane jobs I'm afraid. However, this evening when we went out to give everyone their tea, they all came running with the usual exception of Gaussian, and tonight Aodhfin. He had somehow managed to get through the fence and was playing chase with Gaussian on opposite sides of the fence!

I went to the rescue, Geena came running back and was clucking to him, his mum, Imala, didn't seem in the slightest bit bothered that her son was in a completely different field - tea was much more important. Aodhfin didn't seem bothered by the separation either, although he was quite pleased to see me and was clucking away to me with his tail over his back. I now need to try and work out where Houdini got out.

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