Thursday 18 September 2008

Visitors and sunshine

Yippee, it has been a dry day, all day, we even had a glimpse of the sun!! Thankfully it has dried everybody off and the ground too had begun to dry out. Good job really because we were all getting rather fed up of it.

We had a visit today from some prospect alpaca owners, a couple we have met and spoken to at a couple of the shows. They were keen to come and have another look and chat about the requirements and husbandry needs. I was able to help guide them in the right direction and confirm the basics.

With the dry weather I was able to make a return to one of my favourite jobs (not!), the weeds. It never ceases to amaze me where they come from and how quick they grow. Pity the grass doesn't recover as quickly.

The bulk of our fleeces were collected by the courier this morning too, so they are now on their travels to be processed. Hopefully they wont be too long as I have just booked a stall at a craft fair ready for Christmas.

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