Friday 19 September 2008

Great swap!

Shock horror, another dry day, at last the girls paddock was dry enough to take the muck truck in! I usually clean it on a very regular basis, but because of the weather it had been almost two weeks and boy could I tell. It took hours, how people can say they spend an hour a week cleaning up is beyond me - obviously aren't a thorough as I am!

Our regular manure collectors Carol and Dave came round this morning and emptied one sack, but by the time I'd done the girls field there was more than before they came - come back soon! Carol and Dave grow some spectacular veggies and bought us a lovely bag full of their home produce. Thanks guys, we really appreciate it.

Hughie also appreciated their visit, he loves to say hello. He was due to meet his public tomorrow at the Whalton show, but sadly it has been cancelled due to the field being flooded, that was his last outing until next year :-(

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