Friday 19 September 2008

Good morning and not so good morning

First job on a Saturday morning (after I've fed Paul his bacon sandwich) is weigh day for the cria. We are only weighing the smallest three now, the others are all doing fine and dandy and too big for our scales!

Unfortunately for the first time in a few weeks Gaussian had lost weight, 180 grams since last Saturday - not good. We had a good chat to him and tried to encourage him to try the camelibre but he wasn't interested, he has had plenty of milk today though, in fact the most he has ever had.

Much better news with Ursula though, our maiden who Golden Guinea had had a liaison with three weeks ago. She revoked his advances, she doesn't spit, she's not that kind of girl! Just ran round the pen and looked at me with those 'let me out of here' eyes . So far so good, great news when a maiden is showing all the right signs for being pregnant.

This afternoon we have built another of our shelters, that is two ready for the cria when they are weaned from their mums or if we have to split the boys up further as they mature. Whilst we were building a car pulled up to look at the alpacas. Apparently there is a programme on Cbeebies with two alpacas in it, Nuzzle & Scratch and the grandparents had promised to find a real alpaca for the children to see. They found us on the Internet and hoped that the animals would be visible from the road, but as we were out they came in, so Hughie got to meet his public despite the Whalton show being cancelled!!

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