Sunday 28 September 2008

Double delight

Well another busy weekend draws to a close. We have been fortunate enough to have had glorious sunshine which is always nice, especially when you have a long list of outside chores.

The stud boys have had a two very important jobs this weekend, pregnancy spit offs with Ursula and Duchess.

Ursula was due for her third pregnancy spit off with our wonderful brown stud Golden Guinea, and she revoked his advances again, squealing when Paul didn't get him away quick enough! You are never quite sure what response you will get from a maiden as you have no previous experiences to call upon, it's more difficult when the girl involved isn't a spitter and doesn't like confrontation. Ursula will now wait for an ultra sound scan from the vet in a few weeks time, but she is looking good to give us our first Golden Guinea cria next summer.

It was Duchess's turn this morning, so our extremely keen young stud Gianmarco's Masterpiece donned his halter and was hoping for some excitement. He has soon learnt that the halter usually means he gets his wicked way with the ladies - boy was he a fast learner! Unfortunately for Marky, Duchess made it quite clear before he got anywhere near that she was not interested in him getting up close and personal. Fingers crossed that means she has held this time.

The weather forecast for next week isn't good, but we have great things to look forward to so keep reading ...........................


Rob @ Wellground said...

Nice one Marky, I am impressed for one so young. Good effort.


Patou Alpacas said...

Not more suspense!! Come on, you've bought your stud males, you've got Miss I at the auction, you've got a poop scooper, trailer, new fences, I'm puzzled.

Another stud, a suri? That's it I bet your getting a or some suri's. Go on tell me it isnt true.