Saturday 4 October 2008

Where did that week go!

Sorry for the lack of blog, things have been hectic this week.

Firstly Mark, sorry no suri's for us - in my experience they are mad (nice fleece though)! You are going to have to hang on for another day or two for the great announcement.

We've had a successful week, two positive pregnancy scans from Blossom & Imala. Blossom kindly gave the vet a huge kick for his troubles - she really doesn't like men when she is pregnant.

Also we had another rather long drive south to pick up Little Miss Irraquoy and Oonagh, who had been down with our good friends Rob & Les at Wellground for matings. LMI had scanned pregnant a week ago and we had decided that Oonagh had been mated for the final time this season. In my opinion it was getting too late to try again because we didn't want an autumn baby next year, they just don't seem to thrive as well.

She was due her first pregnancy spit off yesterday and fantastic news, she proved to be a chip off the old block and just like her mum Blossom gave poor Gianmarco's Masterpiece a good kick before I managed to rescue him - not that he was going to be put off the job in hand! So far so good.

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