Monday 13 October 2008

Sales girls scrutinised

It has been another busy day today, first on the job list was paddock cleaning. I do like to keep the fields clean, it helps keep parasites down to a minimum as well as being much nicer for all concerned.

Thankfully we have regular muck collectors who are equally as grateful for the manure as I am for getting rid of it. They are very kind and we have had many nice things that have been grown with the assistance of said muck. Today we had a queue of collectors which was great, I was almost poo free for a while!!

Enough of that............ Well it will be for a couple of days because I managed to get a puncture in the quad which I didn't think would be possible. So that is now going to have to go in for repair, thankfully it was getting ready for two new tyres anyway and needs a service so it may as well have the job lot done.

We have also had a couple of people over to look at the girls we have for sale, they were all scrutinised and complimented. They were very keen to discuss the advantages of elite genetics within the herd.

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