Thursday 16 October 2008

Checking out AlpacaSeller

We've now put all three of our stud males on alpacaseller, and they are a pretty impressive line up even if I do say so myself. Having had a little play we are very proud that we own two of only four boys advertised with the following top class fleece attributes one would look for in an elite stud:-

Solid colour
AFD of <20
SD of <3.5
% over 30 <1
CV <20

Impressive eh, check it out for yourself on

Horatio, our black cria from Mary, who is now five months old and I have been doing a bit of bonding today. He is an absolute monkey, but totally adorable, no matter what you are doing he is there 'helping'. After I'd had my morning wrestle with Gaussian and his bottle Horatio wanted some attention so I sat next to him and cleaned some of his 'attachments' from his fleece. He's so much like his sister, Ursula, who also likes to collect things.

It gave me a fantastic opportunity to revel in Horatios magnificent fleece. His sire is Hornblower of Farrlacey who won 1st place black fleece (48 month +) at this years Bath & West fleece show. Horatio has a lovely fine fleece, which is very is very bright and has a good even crimp; we have high hopes for him in the show ring.

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