Thursday 30 October 2008

Gabby goes mountainerring

With the grass no longer growing the amount of hay being consumed is increasing on what seems like a daily basis and today was no different. We have a small amount of hay stored in the girls field shelter to allow them to munch inside along with hay nets and the long hay mangers. I like to have plenty of space to stop the more submissive members of the herd going without. Blossom and Lualeni think they have a monopoly when it comes to hay!

This morning I was completing the morning ritual of filling mangers, hay nets and putting another bale into the field shelter only to find Gabby 'mountaineering'. She was stood on one bale so that she could reach the back of the fresh one I had just placed on top.

The sales girls also love their hay and were waiting for their manger to be filled this morning, I'm sure they see me as nothing more than a waitress. Whenever they see me they either run to the feed troughs or the manger!

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