Sunday 5 October 2008

Duchess does it again.

Sunday means spit off day for Duchess, regular followers will know that she is tied up with one of our own elite stud Gianmarco's Masterpiece. As soon as she spotted me walking the two boys (Legend likes to walk with his mate to see what goes on!) she was up on her toes, ears back and the clucking began. Duchess really doesn't like doing spit offs, she's far to experienced to need them - well that's what she thinks!!

We are so pleased Duchess revoked all advances, as she has developed what we think is an abscess on her jaw so is currently on a course of Nuflor injections. We were hoping that it wouldn't cause her any issue. Thankfully she is so relaxed nothing much seems to cause her concern.

As the sun has been shining all day we have been out with the camera, so there are some nice new shots on the website, particularly of the stud boys who are growing rapidly. Then Marky & Legend spotted something very interesting, as Rolf Harris would say 'Can you guess what it is yet?!?!?'


Rob @ Wellground said...

Those boys are looking good Debbie.

Rob and Les

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

We are so pleased with them and I'm sure our girls will be equally as pleased with them when they get their chance!!