Wednesday 15 October 2008

Autumn injections

After a night of heavy rain the girls paddock is rather soggy today particularly in the feeding enclosure, which is also where we do a lot of the routine husbandry if it's not done in the field shelter.

Today typically was the day I'd pencilled in to give the bulk of the girls their cydectin injection, which meant it was going to get even muddier under foot. Paul managed to get home to give me a hand which was good. I don't have the same flash facilities that Rob & Les have down at Wellground which would mean I could do it alone!

Thankfully everyone was well behaved, even Blossom which is unusual. She grunted her dissatisfaction but other than that was quite cooperative. Gabby was the worst, she's always a bit of a drama queen when it comes to toe nails, injections or scanning!

The knitted stock is increasing ready for the Christmas rush (she says hopefully!) my poor mum has been knitting none stop for weeks now, my dad is a great slave driver - saves me worrying about her slacking. I know they'll read this!!!

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