Saturday 11 October 2008

12 out of 13 & the biggest weight gain yet

I almost fell in a heap this morning, as you regular readers will know Saturday is cria weigh day, and this morning Gaussian really gave us a shock. Can you believe it, he actually weighed 14.54kg, his biggest gain yet. Hopefully he will continue at this rate so he is big and strong at weaning time.

With all this years matings now completed and the final couple of 'spit offs' well underway we are hopeful for 13 cria next year. We have a fantastic line up of prospective fathers too, in fact 12 different herd sires all selected very carefully for each girls specific needs. Two of the girls are carrying cria from two of our own elite stud line up which will be extremely exciting - as if a new baby isn't exciting enough!!!

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