Monday 6 October 2008

Winter has arrived

Winter has definitely arrived here at Barnacre, this morning we had our first frost of the autumn, I even had to break ice off a couple of the water troughs. I kept telling Paul last night I needed a hot water bottle or Hughie snuggled up on my feet!!!

Aodhfin & Barnaby were wrestling to keep warm, I wish I had taken my camera out with me as they were charging round fighting for ages. Despite being much smaller than Barnaby Aodhfin certainly has the upper hand. At one point he had Barnaby well and truly pinned down and was looking to see if there was anyone else in the vicinity who might want to join in. Horatio was too busy chasing some young pheasants who were trying to be invisible whilst walking across the field.

As it was so cold this morning I felt sure that my little mate Gaussain would be glad of a nice warm bottle, but no, he refused point blank to swallow a single drop of milk. Thankfully as the day went on he did improve and took his lunch, albeit only a small one, and then a normal amount this evening.

Duchess was also due another Nuflor jab today, thankfully she is very good and stands there whilst I give her the injection. Great news too, the nasty abscess has definitely reduced in size - hopefully it will go completely and not return.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Debbie, glad to hear that Duchess abscess is going down, as for Gaussian you would think by now he would be looking forward to his bottle instead of still fighting it. Silly boy