Monday 20 October 2008

Batten down the hatches

It has been very windy here today, there are things blowing all over the place, but don't worry Aodhfin is trying to help the situation by attaching as may leaves, bits of twig and anything else physically attachable to his fleece!! He looks like a walking compost heap. He is so sweet mind, and came over clucking to me tonight whilst I was giving Gaussian his bottle to show off his collection.

Talking of Gaussian and his bottle, we have a new record, he has actually taken 600ml today which is an all time record. Hopefully that will keep the weight ticking up nicely.

My parents have arrived today with all the knitting mum has been doing. As usual mum had to go straight to the field to say hello to everyone and try and work out who was who. If in doubt shout a name and the right one usually looks or comes over.

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