Friday 24 October 2008

Sunny autumn day

It has been a lovely sunny day today, breezy but dry which was good because without the quad to pull the muck truck it has been shovel and rake muck collecting morning; it takes hours! My parents are still here and thankfully mum is always happy to assist. So there are now six large sacks ready for collection by the gardeners and the rented paddocks are all clean again.

Now the grass has stopped growing the hay intake has increased substantially. I definitely miss calculated how long our garage full of hay would last. Thankfully Alan (our local sheep farmer) has plenty of large round bales we can buy to keep us going until the hay show.

I'm busy sewing labels into the knitwear that mum & I have been slaving away over recently. I've put a couple of new items in the online catalogue and there will be a couple more in the next day or so. Now is the time to start that Christmas shopping to avoid disappointment because once the yarn is gone it's gone!

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