Sunday 12 October 2008

Happy Birthday Katia

Katia one of the Australian girls for sale, celebrated her second birthday. She has such a lovely character and is very funny to watch; although she probably thought I was funny to watch when I sang happy birthday this morning.

Now the girls have settled in we had a more detailed look at their fleeces, they all have fantastic advanced fleeces with exceptional brightness. Angelus was very vocal and a kept a close eye on us whilst we were checking over her cria who we have nick named Munchkin. She is only two months old and not been registered yet so if she is sold shortly the new owner can have the pleasure of naming her.

Duchess had her third pregnancy spit off to do this morning with our herdsire Gianmarco's Masterpiece; Marky to his friends. Being an older experienced girl Duchess hates doing spit offs, she doesn't see the need! As soon as we arrived within her sights she was on her toes, puffed herself up and clucking (she doesn't do spitting - she's far to refined for that; well she is a Duchess). Needless to say we are pretty sure that Duchess is pregnant and carrying the first Marky offspring.

The final job of the day was a not very nice one. I had to remove an ear tag which had become to tight and was getting very sore. It was so tight I really struggled to get it out, but after a bit of gentle persuasion, some bathing and then blue spray it's already looking better. I know why ear tags are used but I really don't like them.

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