Tuesday 28 October 2008

Autumn watch

Paul & I (and the cats!) really enjoy watching Autumn watch and I've decided that I think I will have to nip Gaussian over to the Farne Islands to have a bit of seal milk. It's only half an hour or so to the coast from here and we can pop on a boat, if Lucky the seal pup can put on a couple of kilo's in a day it's got to be worth it - Guassian takes a couple of months to manage that sort of weight gain!

Now the clocks have gone back I'm struggling to give him his bedtime bottle on my own, Paul doesn't leave work until well after dark. The last couple of days I've had the help of Holly the girl next door giving me a helping hand which is nice. She thinks feeding Mia the orphaned lamb was much easier!!

It has been freezing here all day, after I broke the ice on all the water troughs this morning most of the ice I removed didn't even thaw out during the day. It's set to get colder over the next couple of days - I've already got the thermals out.

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