Sunday 7 September 2008

Morpeth makes the national news.

After the torrent of rain we have suffered for the last two days the Morpeth floods made the headlines on the national news! We were watching the weather very closely yesterday as the puddles turned to streams and lakes and the paddocks got soggier. The girls and their cria are wet through with their shelters providing very little protection from the rain.

Thankfully the rain has been slightly less today, and the animals were starting to dry off slightly when the heavens opened again. We have got through so much straw in the last couple of days I will need a further supply!

We are slightly marooned at the minute, we have severe flooding on most of our exit routes! The neighbour had to abandon his car in the flood water on Saturday night and only managed to retrieved it this evening. We have also seen the RSPCA convoy going past with their boat which is always worrying.

On a happier note, in one of the brief rain free intervals (well it was when we started the job), we carried out spit offs with Duchess and Ursula. Unfortunately, Duchess sat again giving Gianmarco's Masterpiece chance to work, whilst Ursula gave a very positive refusal spit to Golden Guinea, so she ovulated for the first time last week.

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