Monday 20 July 2009

Fleece weighing and flat tyres

Paul is on holiday from his day job this week so he is on alpaca duties full time with me.

Today was a good one to start the week, we have been weighing all the fleeces that have been entered into the Scottish National show at Kelso this weekend. Jonathan Russell is organising the fleece show and had asked me for a helping hand with the weighing.

We got quite a production line going, me weighing whilst the boys (Paul & Jonathan) did the recording, one manual and one on the computer - double whammy just in case of technical problems with the system we didn't want to lose all the data and have to start again.

The fleeces will be judged on Thursday and Friday as we have almost 150 entries. I have come home with a car load to take along for judges as there is no way they would all fit in one car. I'm not quite sure how we are going to fit them in the vehicles when we are taking animals as well on Saturday!!


janet said...

Hello Debbie,glad to hear the weighing of the fleeces went well.Hope all goes well for the Kelso show on Saturday, will keep my fingers crossed.It sounds like you will have a heavy and full load. Hope you are giving Paul a long list of jobs to do while he is off work and not letting him sit in the deckchair having tea and biscuits xx

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hi sounds like you need a van...not a car, I can imagine, you, Paul and your alpacas squashed into the car and trailer surrounded by bags of alpaca fleece !!! heading for the show....Good luck for the big day ...and Im counting on you for the up to date results...when you get a minute ...of course.....

Sounds like you will not have much time for tea and biscuits in the deck-chair !!.........Jayne